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Chiropractic For Pregnancy

People often ask is it okay to be adjusted when you are pregnant?  This is an extremely important time to receive chiropractic care.  Because there are so many hormonal changes in the body happening when you are pregnant, you are going to undergo all kinds of new stressors both mentally and physically.

The relaxin hormone is circulating and will create a laxity of the ligaments in the body, which allows for the rapid adaptation to the weight increases happening throughout the pregnancy.  This is one reason it is so important to be getting adjusted during the pregnancy.  Your bones and joints will be shifting around way more than they normally would and the adjustments you receive are going to address these changes.  Also, you will have new stressors mentally that will be there.  The adjustment helps to reduce stress overall as well.

All these shifts happening rapidly will cause aches and pains all over your body, which the chiropractic adjustment will address and alleviate.  One big thing to remember is that when you are pregnant, you can’t take pain relievers.  So chiropractic is the perfect way to feel better because chiropractic is drug free!  We just correct the misalignments and movement issues that cause the pain in the first place.  We fix the cause instead of treating the symptom.  It is the perfect treatment during pregnancy for that reason alone.

Research has shown that regular adjustments during pregnancy will actually lead to an easier birth when the time comes, including faster delivery time, and less back labor pain.

If you have perfect pelvic alignment during delivery, you will have less issues with the birthing process overall.  And this leads to less back labor pain during the delivery.  Less pain and a faster delivery means less danger to the baby and mom overall.

If you are pregnant or plan to be, start getting adjusted to experience a smoother pregnancy and birth.  And then get your baby checked as well.  It’s tough being born!