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Disc Issues

Lot’s of patients come in and tell me they think they have a slipped disc.  But can a disc truly “slip?”  The answer to this is no.  The disc is a cartilage material found between the vertebra above and below it.  It can’t slip out of this position and be shoved back in as many patients hope.

What is actually happening with the disc?  Trauma or an injury to the disc can cause the disc to bulge or herniate.  Bulging disc are often caused by arthritic changes to an area where bad posture has caused gravity to place forces on the disc over time.  The disc can bulge and the spinal bones in the area will also be affected with arthritis and shape changes.  It is basically a battle with gravity that you are losing over time.

When a disc herniates, this means the fluid part of the disc found in the center pushes out of its containing structures and the fluid part explodes outward.  This is a rupture or herniation of the disc and is usually caused by a trauma to the area.  This can be quite painful, if it puts pressure on the spinal cord and nerve roots surrounding the area where the disc has herniated.  This is usually what has happened if someone thinks the have a slipped disc.

The chiropractic approach to disc problems is to help restore better movement and position to the spinal joints where the injury has happened.  This will allow optimum movement and function to the affected disc and the body can then heal itself.  Your body will absorb the disc material if given enough time.

The best way to prevent a disc problem is to get regular maintenance adjustments and avoid issues with the disc in the first place.  I will work with you to get your spine moving as best as it can to keep the disc healthy in the first place.  I will also work with you on posture and ergonomics so that you learn how to protect your own spine.

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