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What Does Chiropractic Do?

A very common question that I get is what exactly is chiropractic or what does it do?  It seems like a basic question, but there is a lot to it.  Even though a full spine adjustment does not take long there is a lot happening within the body.

A chiropractor is looking to correct what we call a subluxation of the spine.  To keep it basic, this is a word that describes a bone that has lost its normal position or its normal movement.  A subluxation can refer to the one of the 24 moving vertebrae around the spinal cord.  It can also refer to any other bones in the body like ribs, extremities, or even the jaw bone.  All bones of the body can subluxate and can be adjusted to fix this issue.

So, when one of these bones is subluxated, it can have an effect on the nervous system.  This can disrupt the function of the tissues and organs of the body.  Think of it this way, the misalignment of the bones will effect the muscles that are attached to that bone.  When the bone isn’t moving right, the muscles attached to it will become spastic and painful.  This spasm of the muscle can actually put pressure on the nerves passing through or around it.  Where ever those nerves are going can be effected by this pressure.  So basically, the chiropractic adjustment can effect the entire function of the body by removing undue pressures on the nervous system caused by mechanical issues with the bones.

So chiropractic is a science in that is seeks to use a proven and safe method of correcting these areas of spinal joint dysfunction called subluxations.  There is also an art to it, so this will usually make more seasoned chiropractors better at the procedure itself.  So, it’s not like simply taking a medication and getting a similar effect from person to person.  The skill of the chiropractor becomes exceedingly important in the effectiveness of the treatment.  It is very important to find a doctor that has the skills and experience to do the procedures correctly or the results won’t be as good.

When someone first comes to me, they usually have pain somewhere.  This is why they come in in the first place.  But this pain is just a symptom of the subluxation.  The effect of the misalignment is more far reaching that the pain alone.  Most people don’t realize that other effects are happening within the body.

I will give you an example.  I had a patient present with simple mechanical low back pain from their job of stocking groceries.  They do a lot of lifting and bending and twisting, this is the perfect recipe for low back pain development.  I adjusted the low back and corrected the subluxation of the lower bones in the spine.  Their pain was completely resolved within three treatments.  This same patient then asked me if it was possible that this could help an issue with constipation they had been having for some time.

This patient had not even mentioned this digestive issue to me, but in the course of treatment, they realized their constipation issue had also resolved.  This is a perfect example of an adjustment correction an organ issue caused by nerve pressure.  The nerves in the low back that were between the bones I was adjusting were the same nerves the effected the intestines and so not only did the back pain go away, the constipation also went away!

I hope this simple example helps you to understand the power an adjustment can have on the body.  It goes way beyond just getting rid of back pain.  That is the easy part, its the other effects that are so interesting and far reaching.

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